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While President Trump Addresses Immigration, Bipartisan Bill Starts Taking Shape


Austin, TX – CNN reported yesterday that Republican Congressman Will Hurd (TX-23) and Congressman Pete Aguilar (CA-31) have unveiled a new bipartisan plan that would address the ending of DACA and the thousands of Dreamers at risk of losing jobs, homes, and protection from deportation.

This came only one day before President Trump hosted a group of 25 members of Congress from both parties and appeared to show willingness to find a deal to ensure that Dreamers remain protected.

Mario Carrillo, State Director of America’s Voice Texas said:

This bipartisan approach is promising but 800,000 Dreamers believe that actions speak louder than words. We will watch this bill closely and are hopeful that Republicans will negotiate in good faith and not inject it with poison pills. This bill is a testament to the tireless work of activists and allies who have pushed legislative efforts forward on a bill that the vast majority of Americans support.