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Hundreds of Groups, Leaders and Experts Urge Congress to Pass Protections for Dreamers, TPS Holders Ahead Of Today’s House Judiciary Committee Markup

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Labor Unions, National Security Experts, Faith-based Organizations, Faith Leaders, Elected Officials and Educators Have Asked Congress to Protect Immigrants Living in Limbo Over The Past Few Weeks

Ahead of today’s House Judiciary Committee markup, hundreds of groups, individuals and experts throughout the country and across different fields have sent letters to Congress calling for permanent protections for dreamers, TPS holders and DED recipients.

Unions across the country stressed the importance of protecting immigrant workers in terms of maintaining a stable nationwide labor force, which is the cornerstone of this nation’s economic development.

National security experts nationwide warned against potential serious humanitarian and foreign policy repercussions of ending protections for immigrants who are already struggling to cope with extraordinary security conditions.

Presidents’ Alliance, representing over 420 college and university presidents and chancellors of public and private institutions across the nation, highlighted that providing long-term stability and greater certainty for immigrant youth and young adults and expanding and encouraging their access to higher education will strengthen workforce development, increase the pools of skilled professionals, grow the potential of their economic contributions, and enhance our national prosperity.

82 Faith-based organizations as well as 509 leaders from across traditions point out that the American Dream will never be truly achievable without realizing an immigration system that affirms the sanctity of family unity and respects the rights and dignity of all.

Over 500 state and local elected leaders spoke out in a bipartisan effort to urge Congress to pass permanent protections and a path to citizenship for Dreamers and TPS holders in order to ensure our nation’s prosperity. Leader’s across America understand that Congress must  work together to pass permanent protection for these individuals so that they no longer have to continue living in fear and uncertainty.

400 local, regional, and national groups across the nation, from grassroots organizations and unions to environmental and LGBTQ+  groups, urged their support for the H.R. 6 highlighting the urgent and necessary need to pass legislation ending the chaotic limbo Trump and his administration created when it stripped millions of immigrants of their legal immigration status.

We stand together with our community members to restore the fundamental values upon which our nation was founded and has thrived on, and, to make our American Dream possible. Congress must act now.