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Frank Sharry: “This is a Sad and Predictable Political Move Designed to Protect the President, Not the People”

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Trump Fails the Test of Leadership in this Moment of Truth: “Where are the tests?”

Last night, President Trump tweeted his plans to suspend immigration to this country. Follow up press reports indicate that an executive order will be announced today. The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

The President is failing. Americans are dying. He has no plan. He is doing too little too late on testing. He is responding to the worst crisis in our lifetime with spin, bluster, lies and self-congratulation. His reelection prospects are endangered. He’s panicking.

What does he do? What he always does. He divides to distract. He blames immigrants, most of whom are people of color. He strains to deflect from his abject failure. He focuses on mobilizing white grievance voters.

He still cannot answer the question: Where are the tests?

We have a President who cares only about white people in red states. That’s because he’s more interested in his reelection than our lives. This is a sad and predictable political move designed to protect the President, not the people.

In past times of crisis, Presidents have rallied us as a nation to forge national unity and inspire a strong sense of common purpose. We have no such President today.

We will get through this. We will find the true helpers. We will flatten the curve and save as many Americans as we can. We will not be diverted by a weak man making a desperate move aimed at flattening his political curve.