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Fox News’ “Battle at the Border” in San Antonio (Which is More than 200 Miles from the Border) is Useless and Offensive

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On Friday, January 25, Fox News will be flying in Brian Kilmeade and Tomi Lahren to Texas to host a town hall meeting that will include elected officials, dubbed “Battle at the Border”. The event will be held in a resort in the wealthy outskirts of San Antonio, in Texas’ Hill Country, 200+ miles North of the Texas/Mexico border.

Mario Carrillo, State Director of America’s Voice Texas, issued the following statement:

Leave it to Fox News to provide the most tone-deaf and useless town hall that will do nothing to address real issues on the border and that will only serve to provide a megaphone to anti-immigrants like Tomi Lahren.

Hosting this town hall hundreds of miles from the Texas/Mexico border highlights how out of touch Fox News is with the issue and how they really don’t care about what people who live on the border actually think of a wall that would affect them most. If they only listened to every single Member of Congress who represents the border, they’d see that a wall is not only wasteful, but it’s unnecessary.

If they were truly interested in moving the conversation forward, which clearly they are not, they would avoid names like “Battle at the Border” that only perpetuate the notion that our border region is a war zone, instead of a vibrant, multicultural community, that is often ignored. As a Texan raised on the border, I welcome dialogue that addresses the needs of our border communities that includes voices of those most affected. This is not it.