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Dispatch Editorial: Kasich Right to Reject Trump’s Warped Immigration View

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Immigrants & Refugees Come To Build Lives; Ohio to Benefit From Their Talent & Drive

Columbus, OH —  The Dispatch published an editorial applauding Governor Kasich’s immigration stance and creation of an Office of Opportunities for New Americans today. The piece states:

We hope that, whether or not the cabinet-level position and advisory committee remain into the next administration, Ohio’s future leaders will share Kasich’s vision of immigrants and refugees — “new Americans” — as a source of strength and vitality.

Lynn Tramonte, Director of America’s Voice Ohio, said:

Kasich’s vision of making Ohio a more welcoming state to new immigrants is the antidote to the President’s own.  Trump appears to view nearly every immigrant–other than one he’s married to–as a potential gang member or rapist instead of the contributors, taxpayers, and parents that so many of us know.”

The editorial states:

Kasich is right to reject President Donald Trump’s warped view of immigrants as a threat to public safety and a burden on the economy.

The vast majority of immigrants and refugees come to the U.S. because they want to build stable, prosperous lives here — not to seek trouble and conflict.

With reasonable supports and a friendly welcome, their chances of fitting comfortably into American society are better.

While welcoming immigrants is the right thing to do from a moral lens, there’s also a clear public interest in bringing newcomers to Ohio.  The editorial concludes:

As Kasich points out, anemic population growth — just 0.3 percent last year — threatens Ohio’s prospects for the future. Immigrants and refugees will be a part of that future; welcoming them and helping them become stable, prosperous neighbors is a much better and wiser course than demonizing and marginalizing them.

Read the Columbus Dispatch’s editorial here.  Learn more about the contributions of immigrants in Ohio here.