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Akron Interfaith Immigration Advocates Applaud Gov. Kasich’s Immigration Stance

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Akron, OH – Today we would like to take this time to announce that we stand behind the Governor’s creation of the Office for New Americans in the State of Ohio.
We are happy to say that this is a strong move for our state to welcome immigrants coming here to work. It is without a doubt a courageous move in light of this volatile president.
It is our hope that this will take place immediately and that it will stay in place after the elections in November and that the new Governor will see the positive reaction to this and maintain the office.
Our economy in this state is of importance to all, regardless of party. We must continue to attract new people to this state in order to maintain growth and stability. To do this we must offer a safe home where people of many countries can settle safely and be able to go about their lives.
This includes the ability to access drivers licenses and safe schools for their children as well as the finest medical care possible.
Our State has enjoyed a great mixture of immigrants over the course of history that have settled throughout the state, including in Akron.
Let us hope that this is an encouraging move that many will follow.
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