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Why Congress Needs to Act This Year: Tens of Thousands of DACA Recipients Are Now Exposed to Deportation Due to Today’s Arbitrary DHS Deadline

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Washington, DC – Below is a statement from Frank Sharry, reacting to the significance of today’s DACA renewal application deadline, affecting more than 150,000 current DACA recipients:

Today, as a result of an arbitrary October 5th deadline set by DHS, tens of thousands of DACA recipients are going to start losing their DACA-related work permits and protection against deportation. The same Trump Administration that relied on a manufactured crisis to end the DACA program in the first place has created an all-too-real crisis for thousands of these young Americans.

Throughout this week, Dreamers and their allies have been engaged in heroic efforts to support DACA renewals. Despite these efforts, tens of thousands of current DACA recipients are likely to miss the deadline – because they weren’t informed, or weren’t able to come up with the $495 fee on such short notice. This includes young immigrants directly affected by recent hurricanes.

The chaos and cruelty on display should serve as a fresh reminder to Congress about the need for urgent action. Congress needs to pass the Dream Act – this year. There is overwhelming public support for protecting Dreamers. DACA recipients from all over the country have been flying into Washington this week to meet with their Members of Congress and to ensure that lawmakers are recognizing the real lives that are at stake. This is what democracy looks like.

The stakes are high, the threat is real, the crisis is now. The question is whether the Republicans in Congress will create a bipartisan path forward. Some have stepped up. More will need to do so for the promise of the Dream Act to be turned into reality.

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