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Billboard To Greet Republican Lawmakers At Border Press Conference

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Calls out Republicans trying to score cheap political points on the backs of fleeing children

Immigrant advocacy groups are calling out Republican’s border and immigration politics ahead of their third border visit. Republican elected officials are headed to Texas’s Rio Grande Valley to hold a press conference and stage photo-ops to take advantage of the current humanitarian challenge of children at the border. This latest visit to the border by the GOP aligns with the right’s narrative that children should not be let in and gives no indication they will be proposing humane and functional solutions.

But this time they will be greeted with a message: “Stop Playing Politics With Kids’ Lives. And no, family separation is *not* a solution.” The mobile billboard, sponsored by America’s Voice and Care In Action, will be located near Anzalduas Park in Mission where Republicans are slated to gather for a tour of the border and a press conference Friday morning.

“Enough of these political stunts. The situation at the border is about kids and families seeking safety. They are leaving dire situations made worse by a deadly pandemic,” said Care In Action Executive Director Jess Morales Rocketto. “We don’t need photo ops and gunboat rides that depict border communities like war zones, we need humane solutions.”

According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

For Republicans, this is all about political gamesmanship, when it should be about children knocking on our door and asking for help. For Republicans their answer is keep out and kick out. Migrants and refugees are fellow human beings who should be welcomed with dignity and given a chance to pursue refugee status under our laws. Republicans should be coming to the table to enact policy, not using migrant children as props in political theater.