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AZ Governor Ducey’s Flip-Flop the Latest Depressing Example of GOP Bowing to Trump to Kiss His Ring

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Columnist Laurie Roberts: “Lost: Gov. Doug Ducey’s spine. Disappeared in the vicinity of the Oval Office. If found, please return ASAP.”

The news that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is now supporting Trump’s catastrophic and politically-motivated threat to close the border comes despite Ducey’s earlier objection to the idea and volumes of evidence such a move would be economically devastating for his state.

The news and implications, captured in a blistering column by Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts, is reminiscent of what Arizona Republican Senator Martha McSally did in the face of Trump’s emergency declaration and related vote on the resolution – bowing to Trump for political reasons, no matter the cost to her state.

See below for key excerpts from Roberts’ column, available online in full here:

It took only a few minutes meeting with President Donald Trump for Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey to perform a double full front aerial layout with a full twist.

…Once upon a time – say, two days ago – even Arizona’s Republican governor saw the present crisis at the border as a humanitarian problem. During a press conference on Monday, Ducey announced he was opposed to closing the border with “our No. 1 trading partner, times four.”

“The border does need attention, there is a crisis at the border,” Ducey said. “It’s a humanitarian crisis and Congress needs to act on this.”

Now suddenly, those migrant families pose a security threat to home and hearth?

Enough of a threat that our governor is willing to cut off trade that was worth $16.7 billion to Arizona last year?

Enough of a threat that he is willing to ignore the warning of Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Glenn Hamer, who recently said closing the border would be “an economic catastrophe”?