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America’s Voice Reacts to DHS Guidance on DAPA Memo and Future of DACA

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The following is a statement from Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice reacting to the DHS DAPA memo issued yesterday:

Yesterday, the Trump Administration officially revoked the immigration executive action known as DAPA, a common sense policy that would have allowed parents of U.S. citizen children to apply for legal work permits and protection from deportation.  While this move is not surprising, given Trump’s campaign rhetoric, executive orders, and the Republican lawsuit against DAPA, it is another example of how little the GOP values the contributions of hardworking undocumented immigrants and their children, who are already Americans.

Even before the DAPA memo was rescinded, the Trump Administration had begun targeting and deporting law-abiding members of society who have been building their lives here, raising American families, and contributing to the greater good. Revoking the DAPA memo is apparently just a formality to this Administration, but to us it’s yet another sad commentary on the Republican Party’s attitude toward aspiring Americans.

Regarding DACA, yesterday’s DHS guidance simply reiterates the status quo.  DACA remains in place – for now – but it’s clear that they are using it as cover to deport everyone else.  What’s more, this Administration has been cynically wielding its enforcement authorities over certain DACA recipients.  This is a classic move used by abusers to keep their targets – in this case DACA recipients – feeling vulnerable and ‘in check.’

Just this week, ICE acting Director Thomas Homan testified that all undocumented immigrants are targets for deportation, noting that immigrants ‘should be uncomfortable, you should look over your shoulder and you need to be worried.’

DAPA is an example of a policy that would move us forward; instead, under Trump, we have a mass deportation policy that cheapens us as a nation.