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America is Counting on Democratic Leaders to Stand Against Trump Mass Deportation Strategy


As White House Gears Up for a Shutdown Fight Over Wall, Deportation Force and Expanded Detention, We Look to Pelosi and Schumer to Stand Against Trump and Protect Our Values

According to Politico:

The White House, under internal pressure to show legislative achievements ahead of the 100-day mark, is gearing up for a government shutdown fight to secure money for a border wall, more immigration enforcement officers and a bigger military, according to White House and congressional sources familiar with the plan….One official said the White House is feeling pressure because of a perceived lack of accomplishments 100 days in and wants to use the hard deadline to secure a victory the administration can tout.

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

If it wasn’t clear before, in recent days we’ve witnessed the unfolding of the Trump Administration’s mass deportation strategy.

  • Attorney General Sessions has made it clear that every undocumented immigrant in the country, including those protected under DACA, are in the crosshairs. In response to a question about those with DACA, he said, “We can’t promise people who are here unlawfully that they’re not going to be deported.”
  • DHS Secretary Kelly told critics of his agency should “shut up and support the men and women on the front lines.’’
  •  “Unshackled” ICE and CPB agents have been arresting, detaining and deporting mothers and fathers with no criminal record, which flies in the face of the spin about targeting ‘bad hombres.’ Just yesterday, ICE deported Maribel Trujillo-Diaz, a mother of four U.S. citizen children, a lay worker in her church, who has no criminal record.
  • Even Dreamers have been arresteddetained and deported.

Now we learn that the White House is going to pick a shutdown fight over its demands that the supplemental spending request currently being negotiated include billions for more agents and more immigrant prisons, as well as a down payment on an unnecessary and expensive border wall.

To date, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Senator Schumer, and Democratic Leaders Nancy Pelosi (D-SF) have stood up for America’s tradition as a welcoming nation and stood strong against the radical immigration policies and practices of the Trump Administration. We need them to be resolute and firm in the home stretch. If keeping the government open requires Democratic votes, then the final package should include no increase in funding for an expanded deportation force, expanded detention capacity, and a stupid wall. If we don’t stop Trump now, it will be harder to do so in the future.

The spending fight is but one of many fights that will determine whether or not the American idea survives a Trump Administration. Will we remain a beacon of hope for the world? Will we remain a welcoming people, open to people from every corner of the world who come to build a better life for their families, and help build a better America in the process? History is watching.