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VIEW: Children Detained in Cages and Separated from their Families

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Updated: June 21, 2018

For more than a month now, the Trump Administration has been separating children from their families and locking them in cages with little more than space blankets for warmth.

For a time, the Administration wasn’t allowing anyone in to see these children — raising questions of accountability and transparency.

The veil has been lifted, somewhat, allowing us to see conditions that no child should have to live in: children locked in cages, children unable to move around freely, children forced to take care of each other because their parents have been taken away.

The photos, videos, and audio we have are from detention centers that the government has allowed access into. Conditions might be still worse in other locations.

Here are some of the photos, videos, and audio of children separated from their families that the Trump Administration and members of the media have distributed so far: