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VIDEO: Petition Delivery to Rep. Blake Farenthold's Office Draws Slurs

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This week, immigration advocates with TexasRITA and other groups in Corpus Christi rallied at Rep. Blake Farenthold’s (R-TX) office to deliver 10,000 petitions in favor of immigration reform and citizenship.  Things got ugly, however, when Farenthold’s campaign decided to call in some of his own supporters, which showed up to harass, intimidate, and shout down the advocates and their families.

It’s unclear why Farenthold felt the need to call in a hostile cavalry when the immigration advocates–some of whom had brought young children–were just coming to peacefully deliver petitions.  But the event quickly became chaotic when Farenthold’s supporters starting slinging slurs:

You can also watch the video below to see how angry and out-of-control the event became.  Farenthold’s supporters can be seen and heard shouting over the DREAMer speaking, Miguel Porfirio.  At one point, a woman likens immigrants crossing the border to terrorists.  When the immigration advocates start chanting for the crowd to let Miguel speak, Farenthold’s supporters scream back, over and over, “No!”


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