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VIDEO: DAPA-Eligible Maria And Her U.S. Citizen Son Discuss Confronting Gov. John Kasich

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Earlier today in Iowa, DAPA-eligible Maria, along with her U.S. citizen son Andrew, were finally able to confront their Governor, Ohio’s John Kasich, on where he stands on the lawsuit blocking DAPA and expanded DACA.

Ohio is one of the 26 states blocking deportation relief for Maria and 25,000 other Ohioans. For weeks, Maria and immigration advocates have attempted to meet with Gov. Kasich about removing Ohio from the anti-immigrant lawsuit, but have repeatedly been running into a brick wall.

As we reported earlier, Maria and her son made the decision to travel to Gov. Kasich’s appearance at a rodeo in Iowa, and were finally able to speak to him about keeping Ohio’s immigrant families together, with Kasich promising to meet with advocates and impacted families (see video of the encounter here).

In a second video clip below, Maria and Andrew discuss the encounter, and what they hope to accomplish in their next visit with Kasich back home in Ohio.