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PHOTOS: Today is the TPS Day of Action!

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Today is the national day of action for temporary protected status (TPS) — a major mobilization where advocates are demanding justice and a permanent solution for TPS holders from 13 countries.

The Trump Administration is slowly ending TPS for hundreds of thousands of longtime residents, by cancelling or failing to redesignate TPS for countries whose deadlines come up. Soon, this could mean deportation for immigrants who have lived in the U.S. for decades, and upheaval for their American children and families. Some 270,000 U.S.-citizen children have at least one parent who is a TPS holder.

Today, the National TPS Alliance barnstormed Washington, D.C. with hundreds of advocates, supporters, and families to visit Congressional offices and let members of Congress know why a permanent solution for TPS holders is needed. Reps. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) and Ayana Pressley (D-IL) joined the advocates at a rally and march outside the White House (through the rain and cold) this morning.

As Jose Palma, a TPS Holder from El Salvador and spokesperson with the National TPS Alliance said in a press statement:

The TPS Alliance stands with all TPS holders and are fighting for a permanent solution for our families. Anything less than a permanent solution is a slap-in-the face to the decades we have given to this country, contributed and to the lives we have built.

View just some of the photos and videos from the day of action, below:


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