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Teresa, a Farmworker Foreman, Does Her Job; Rep. McCarthy, Do Yours

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Last month, we kicked off the “Do Your Jobs” campaign to remind Congress of all the immigrants who will be working hard to produce our food and drink this holiday season.  Throughout the rest of the year, we will be profiling immigrant workers like Teresa (below), who work every day to contribute to our country.  As Congress heads toward yet another long recess, it’s past time that House Republicans take action, and pass real immigration reform for the 11 million.

Teresa works 84 hours a week to protect her workers and our health.

Teresa Arredondo is a farmworker foreman in Bakersfield, CA.  From the Coachella Valley to Kern County, Teresa manages crews and inspects products to be shipped around the U.S. and the world.

At work she ensures safety laws and regulations are in place.  At home she is Mom to 3 U.S. citizen kids.

“I would like to see immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship passed so that labor and sexual abuse can be brought to justice,” Teresa says.  “Entire communities live in fear of the very authorities that claim to protect them.  We need immigration reform for the sake of dignity and to continue the hard labor we do.  It’s time to move this country forward.”

Teresa works hard every day.  Rep. McCarthy, why don’t you?

It’s time to give Teresa a vote.