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Sunflower Community Action Demonstrates Against Kris Kobach: "His Policies Do Not Represent Kansas Values"

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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, an anti-immigrant ultra-extremist who is responsible for state laws like Arizona’s SB 1070, hasn’t been much seen or heard from in the current immigration debate.  And if the Kansas-based grassroots group Sunflower Community Action has anything to say about it, he’ll stay out of the picture.

Late last week, Kobach was the guest speaker at Wichita’s Pachyderm Club, where he lectured about the tenth amendment to a roomful of local Republicans.  His message had a hard time getting across, though–Kobach was interrupted over and over as half a dozen members of Sunflower Community Action, speaking one after another, stood up and loudly asked him about his opposition to immigration reform.  The activists also sang songs and asked Kobach why he supports policies that are harmful to immigrants and their loved ones.

As group member Armando Minjarez told the local NBC TV channel about Kobach, “His policies do not represent Kansas values.  His policies hurt the state economically and it hurts the families.”

Kobach has scarcely been seen in the news since the November 2012 election, when the self-deportation policies he espoused as Mitt Romney’s immigration advisor greatly contributed to Romney losing the Latino vote and the election.

Watch the full video of the Sunflower action below: