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Steve King: Citizenship for Military DREAMers is Like Handing Candy Out in Parades

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There are two things you can count on Steve King for: saying horribly nativist and discriminatory things about immigrants and Latinos — and doubling down on his assertions once they start getting him in trouble.

After advocates began calling King out for his latest comments about wanting to deport military DREAMers who show up to enlist, King went on an extended rant on the House floor in which he compared creating a path to citizenship for military DREAMers to handing out candy in a parade:

This bill, this badly named ENLIST Act, would put out the advertisement that says, sneak into America, sneak into the military and that’s going to be the most expeditious path to American citizenship and the whole smorgasbord of benefits that come from American citizenship.  Citizenship must be precious, not handed out like candy in a parade. We don’t ride along and throw out citizenship like you do M&M’s or Tootsie Rolls or whatever it is we’re tossing out in our parades.

Watch the video here.