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“Rubio Wants To Deport Me”: Immigrant Youth Interrupt Marco Rubio During SC Forum

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DREAMers and activists from United We Dream Action interrupted Marco Rubio at the Kemp forum in South Carolina this past weekend to call out his anti-DACA attacks as his campaign continues to veer to the right.

From UWD Action:

Since championing comprehensive immigration reform in 2013, Senator Rubio has consistently walked back his support for the immigrant community, first pledging to defund the President’s recently announced DACA+ and DAPA (Deferred Action for Parental Accountability) Program and further hardening his stance by promising to end DACA. Today, activists called Sen. Rubio out for speaking at the Kemp Forum for Expanding Opportunity, while pledging to end DACA, which would expand opportunities to more than 700,000 young immigrants.

Several groups of activists — all of whom were eventually escorted out of the event following the interruptions — held signs reading “DACA Equals Opportunity” and “Rubio Wants To Deport Me”.

A compilation of the interruptions is below, via American Bridge:

“This morning I confronted Marco Rubio on his anti-immigrant, anti-DACA rhetoric that seeks to take away the program that allows me to work, pursue my dreams, and be protected from deportation. He has turned his back on the immigrant community and we will continue to stand up to his attacks,” said Deya Aldana, a DREAMer from New Jersey.

“Today we saw that Rubio wants to have it both ways: position himself as the successful son of a humble immigrant family while stepping on the dreams of all other immigrants,” said Kathy Del Hoyo, another DREAMer and a journalism student at North Carolina A&T State University.

“The immigrant community cannot allow someone who continues to rally against us to become President of this nation founded by immigrants.”