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Romney's Vague Position On Immigration Costing Evangelical Support

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As Mitt Romney fails to propose a solution to the immigration problem, evangelical leaders have been growing increasingly frustrated with him. Evangelical leaders recently came out in full support of comprehensive immigration reform during this month’s “Evangelical Immigration Table” and supported the Arizona v. US Supreme Court decision while remaining concerned over the prospect of racial profiling. Needless to say,  evangelical leaders agree that Romney’s not right for the presidency.

Via Talking Points Memo’s Pema Levy:

“We want real, you know, muscle and details,” said the Rev. Gabriel Salguero, president of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition and one of nine heads of the new coalition. “What are we going to do with the 11 to 12 million [undocumented] people here?” he said. “Right now what we lack is details on policy. Everyone is speaking in generalities. We want details.”

“He did not address at all what he would do with those who are currently here undocumented,” said the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. “And I do believe that somewhere down the road, that is the Jordan, the proverbial Jordan, that Governor Romney is going to have to cross in order to make a significant run for the Hispanic vote.”

Romney’s ever-changing immigration position–which has gone from supporting self deportation to promising a better solution than Obama’s, without actually saying what the solution would be–has been costing him votes from Latinos and evangelicals. It’s difficult to imagine him winning the November elections without them.