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Advocates Remind Trump: YOU Ended DACA

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Donald Trump took the political world for a spin last week when he tweeted a threat to veto the omnibus bill that Congress passed, just hours before a government shutdown that would have begun Friday at midnight. In his tweet, Trump pretended that the veto threat was about DACA — even though Trump has not lifted a finger to try and help Dreamers and Congressional Republicans have refused to take action on nearly half a dozen different occasions.

A few hours later, Trump reversed course again and signed the bill.

On Twitter, Dreamers, advocates, commentators, and members of Congress had very choice words for Trump, reminding him that it was he and Republicans who have failed to take action and slamming Trump for thinking that there was anyone who would fall for his ruse. Trump and the Republicans own all of Congress and the White House. Trump and Jeff Sessions ended DACA last year. Trump chose to make offensive headlines instead of working toward a solution in January, when a bipartisan deal on the Dream Act was presented. And Trump and Republicans have put out poison pill bills on immigration rather than a good faith effort.

Here are some of our favorite tweets from Friday calling Trump out: