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Qué Pasa in Immigration: the Senate Bill, and DREAMers

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By Yoli Navas:

“Qué Pasa” is our weekly roundup of  news, opinion, and links from Spanish-Language online news publications:

The Senate began debating the bipartisan immigration reform bill, as well as Obama’s push for Congress to pass the bill, and the amendments that are being proposed. Below are a few highlights:

Noticiero Univision: Enmiendas Venenosas Buscan Descarrilar la Reforma Migratoria

Some members of the Senate have come out with “poison pill” amendments that are putting the path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants in danger. One such amendment is the one proposed by John Cornyn, which focuses on tighter border security. Chuck Grassley has also proposed an amendment that calls for border security before any path to citizenship is created. Both of these bills make it substantially harder for the immigrant community to ever get onto a path to legalization.

The following outlet also reported on this subject:

La Opinión



Univision.com – Immigrant Families Hug Through Border Fence

Spanish language media has also been following DREAMers and their efforts to gain support for immigration reform. This past week three DREAMers had an emotional and heartbreaking reunion at the border with their deported mothers. They cried as they embraced each other after years of being separated. And while they were happy to once again be reunited, they were still separated by the fence at the border.