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Photos: #Lights4Liberty National Day of Action Calls for an End to Horrific Detention Conditions

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Yesterday, Americans all across the country protested the horrific conditions migrant children and families are currently facing in immigration detention centers at the border.

Public outcry has been simmering for weeks as children have died, while the Trump Administration argued that soap and toothbrushes aren’t necessary to meet basic safety and sanitary standards at detention centers. Recent reports also show that migrants are being denied running water and told to drink water from the toilets. In addition, reports show the Trump Administration is flagrantly violating the law by keeping children in detention well past the legal limit.

Furthermore, over 9,000 current and former border patrol agents who are tasked with overseeing detention centers were found to be a part of a racist, sexist, and xenophobic Facebook group. The existence of this group raised additional concerns about the need to screen CBP agents for white nationalist connections.

You can sign the petition calling for CBP agents to be screened for ties to white nationalists groups, here.  

But Americans from Tennessee to New York to Indiana and Nevada showed up in full force across the country yesterday to say that America can do much better than the cruelty we are currently demonstrating.

Here are some of the photos from across the nation: