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PHOTOS: #Fast4Families Announce National Days to Act, Fast & Pray

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Today, the #Fast4Families is entering its third week, with Eliseo Medina and other fasters going on their 15th day without food.  Flanked by civil rights, faith, labor, and immigration reform leaders, the fasters announced National Days to Act, Fast and Pray, starting December 1st to the 3rd.  The days of action are intended to heighten pressure on Speaker John Boehner and the House leadership to vote on immigration reform.

Yesterday, the fasters received a shout-out from President Obama, who spoke to them during a speech on immigration in San Francisco, saying “I’m seeing brave advocates who have been fasting for two weeks in the shadow of the Capitol sacrificing themselves in an effort to get Congress to act.  And I want to say to Eliseo Medina, my friend from SEIU, and the other fasters who are there as we speak, I want them to know we hear you.  We’re with you.  The whole country hears you.”

View the pictures from today’s press conference, and read the inspiring words from those who are fasting: