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Our Larger-than-Life Thank You Card to Rep. Jeff Denham

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Yesterday, Rep. Jeff Denham (CA-10) announced that he’s cosponsoring H.R. 15, the new immigration bill in the House. A big move like that needs a big thanks — so today we sent him a larger-than-life-thank you card, in the form of this banner flown over Modesto, CA today:


“Thanks Rep. Denham! #HR15”

Rep. Denham is the very first Republican to add his name to the House immigration bill. He’s standing up to Speaker John Boehner and other Republican leaders and sending them the strongest message possible: that he’s willing to sign on with Democrats in order to make sure this gets done. So we wanted to let him know we appreciate his bravery!

For weeks, we’ve been partnering with amazing advocates in Rep. Denham’s district — like PICO California — and pressuring him to take a stand. Just last week, we launched online ads asking Rep. Denham to support H.R. 15.  Apparently, he heard.

Now that we have Rep. Denham’s support, this could be a real tipping point in the fight for reform. He has shown real courage and we want to make sure he (and all Republicans) know we appreciate him standing with us.

To thank Rep. Denham, call Rep. Denham’s Modesto office at (209) 579-5458 and thank him for cosponsoring H.R. 15!

To view more images of our thank-you message to Rep. Denham today, click here.