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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, September 25, 2013

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Houston Chronicle: Nancy Pelosi floats new strategy to pressure GOP on immigration
By Carolyn Lochead

International Business Times: Advocates, Opponents Not Taking Pelosi’s Proposed Plan Seriously
By Laura Matthews

New York Times: House Democrats Crafting Immigration Proposal
By Ashley Parker

Houston Chronicle: Filemon Vela, border politicians resurrecting immigration reform
By Rachel Jackson

San Diego Union Tribune (California): Catholic colleges push for immigration reform
By Elizabeth Aguilera

San Diego Union Tribune (California): Lawmakers out of step on immigration?
By Elizabeth Aguilera

KCBS (California): San Francisco Considers Limiting Police Cooperation With Immigration Officials

Aspen Daily News (Colorado): Aspen chamber endorses immigration bill
By Nelsen Harvey

Associated Press (Texas): Applicants wrongly denied US citizenship: court
By Christopher Sherman

Washington Post: ACLU, immigrant groups to keep an eye on U.S. Border Patrol after profiling-case win
By Manuel Valdes

Fox News Latino: Dream9 Reloaded: Now 30 Will Attempt To Reenter The U.S. Without Documents

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): Immigration Compromise?
By Jason Riley

Washington Post (Blog): Immigration reform is on life support, but it isn’t dead yet
By Greg Sargent

MSNBC (Blog): Pelosi, House Dems still hope to revive immigration reform
By Steve Benen

Salon (Blog): GOP rebranding effort is officially dead
By Brian Buelter

Bloomberg (Opinion): Who’s That Knocking Again at the Door?
By Megan McArdle