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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, June 26, 2013

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NBC Latino: VIDEO: Menendez, immigration advocates want to see reform “become a reality”
By Alessandra Hickson

Voxxi: Senate immigration reform bill ‘on track to pass’ this week
By Griselda Nevarez

Business Standard: US immigration Bill passes key test vote in Senate

Associated Press: Senate passage of immigration bill on track
By David Espo

Politico: Next immigration vote set for Wednesday morning
By Seung Min Kim

Washington Post: Disagreements on amendments might delay vote on immigration bill
By Ed O’Keefe

National Journal: One ‘Get Tough’ Immigration Amendment May Go Too Far
By Fawn Johnson

Associated Press: Senate backers of sweeping immigration bill seek last-minute support as final votes loom

Politico: Senate in full horse-trading mode on immigration bill
By Burgess Everett and Seung Min Kim

Politico: Desperately seeking the vote of Sen. Rob Portman
By Manu Raju

Wall Street Journal: Agriculture Still a Sore Point in Immigration Bill
By Kristina Peterson and Janet Hook

Bloomberg: Senate $38 Billion Border Plan Boosts Immigration Prospects (2)
By Laura Litvan

Los Angeles Times: In Mexico, U.S. border ‘surge’ proposal stirs outcry
By Richard Fausset

Roll Call: McCain: Fischer Made ‘False Statements’ About Border Security (VIDEO)
By Niels Lesniewski

Washington Post: Small business lobbyists raise concerns as immigration bill nears approval in Senate
By JD Harrison

Reuters: Republican Senator Rubio shifts tone on U.S. immigration bill
By Caren Bohan

Politico: Marco Rubio: America changes immigrants
By Tal Kopan

CNN: Rubio: Politics of immigration reform is ‘overrated’
By Ashley Killough

Politico: LGBT protesters sit-in Marco Rubio’s office
By Tal Kopan

Miami Herald: Tea party groups plan protest outside of Rubio’s office saying he ‘betrayed’ them
By Alex Leary

Politico: For immigration reform, ‘English’ amendment is so last decade
By Burgess Everett

The Hill: Cruz: Immigration bill, ObamaCare create ‘enormous incentive’ to hire immigrants
By Ramsey Cox

Roll Call: Ted Cruz Likens Immigration Bill to ‘Human Trafficking’
By Meredith Shiner

Politico: Harry Reid: House ‘crazies’ pushing John Boehner on immigration
By Burgess Everett

Ralston Reports: Reid plans rally to pressure House on immigration reform
By Jon Ralston

The Hill: McConnell hopes Senate, House can strike immigration reform deal
By Alexander Bolton

New York Times: G.O.P. in House Leaves Immigration Bill in Doubt
By Jonathan Weisman

TIME: Immigration Bill Faces Tough Odds in the House
By Alex Altman

Bloomberg: Boehner’s Immigration Playbook Is Full of Bad Options
By Elizabeth Dwoskin

Slate: How the Senate hopes to bully the House on immigration
By John Dickerson

Huffington Post: GOP Leaders Playing Both Sides On Immigration Reform
By Ryan Grim

Politico: Ed Markey defeats Gabriel Gomez in Massachusetts
By James Hohmann

Politico: Sarah Palin: Hill trying to ‘Pelosi’ immigration
By Tal Kopan

Associated Press: Obama meets for 1 hour with Hill leaders, foreign policy tops agenda

National Journal: Americans Oppose ‘Obamacare,’ Social Security for Illegal Immigrants Made Legal by Reform
By Scott Bland

Denver Post (Editorial): A necessary deal on immigration

Washington Post (The Fix): What cap and trade can teach us about the immigration vote
By Chris Cillizza

Washington Post (Blog): Has ‘no one read’ the immigration bill?
By Glenn Kessler

Los Angeles Times (Opinion): The GOP’s immigration tussle
By Jonah Goldberg

The Hill (Blog): For military and America, Senate immigration bill must pass
By Lt. Gen. (Rt.) Richardo S. Sanchez

New York Times (Economix): Immigration and the Labor Market
By Eduardo Porter

Los Angeles Times (Opinion): Why a border surge?
By Robert Bonner