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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, July 19, 2013

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Associated Press: Immigration backers, under pressure to do more, plan campaign to pressure House to pass bill

Arizona Republic: ‘Amnesty’ losing emotional punch in immigration debate
By Dan Nowicki

Fox News Latino: House Republicans In Deep Disagreement Over Immigration Reform

New York Times: Boehner Optimistic About Immigration Bill
By Ashley Parker

Washington Post: Boehner hopes immigration will be considered before debt ceiling fight
By Ed O’Keefe

Politico: Boehner: Immigration to pass before debt hike
By Jake Sherman and Seung Min Kim

Associated Press: Anxiety brews among immigration supporters
By Erica Werner

Wall Street Journal: Immigration-Overhaul Backers Press Conservative Groups for Help
By Laura Meckler

Reuters: McCain: ‘We are not winning’ push for immigration reform
By Thomas Ferraro

New York Times: Catholic Educators Push Immigration Bill
By Laure Goodstein

Washington Post: Catholic college officials urge Congress to pass immigration reform
By Pamela Constable

The Atlantic: Is Immigration Reform Dead? Not If Evangelicals Can Do Anything About It
By Michael Wear

ABC/Univision: Poll: Americans Face Sticker Shock on Border Surge
By Jordan Fabian

CNN: Polls: What the House should do about Senate immigration bill
By Paul Steinhauser

The Nation: Fortress White America
By Richard Kim

The Economist: Lessons from the desert

Politico: 50 Politicos to Watch: Jennifer Sevilla Korn
By Emily Schultheis

Politico: 50 Politicos to Watch: Rosario Dawson
By Catilin McDevitt

Newsmax: Rep. Steve King Slams Norquist Over Attacks on Immigration
By Todd Beauman and John Bachman

Wall Street Journal: Does DOMA Decision Mean Green Cards for Gay Spouses?
By Joe Pallazzolo

Los Angeles Times (Opinion): Immigration reform: It’s alive!
By Tamar Jacoby

Washington Post (Blog): Immigration reform’s prospects depend on whether Boehner and Ryan show leadership
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Blog): Immigration politics
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Blog): Even Republicans want Congress to act on immigration reform — with citizenship
By Greg Sargent

MSNBC (Maddow Blog): Boehner, Cantor switch gears on ‘basic fairness’
By Steve Benen

Daily Beast (Opinion): Moderate Republicans Exist But Have No Vehicle
By Michael Tomasky

Huffington Post: Immigration Reform Is Very Much Alive
By Simon Rosenberg

Bloomberg (Opinion): Marco Rubio’s One Appalling, Unforgiveable Mistake
By Francis Wilkinson

New Mexico NPR: Hundreds March To Pearce’s Hobbs Office To Support Immigration Reform

Minnesota Public Radio: Spanish immersion daycare’s immigration issues raise larger questions
By Sasha Aslanian

Associated Press (California): Napolitano approved as UC president despite some objections to immigration record