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Must-Read News in Immigration Reform, June 25, 2013

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Fox News: Frank Sharry on “The O’Reilly Factor”

Reuters: U.S. immigration bill passes key test vote in Senate

NBC Latino: Senate votes to proceed with “border surge” amendment, immigration bill on track
By Sandra Lilley

Texas Tribune: U.S. Senators Prepare for Key Vote on Immigration Bill
By Julian Aguilar

Newsmax: Immigration Bill Clears Senate Test

ThinkProgress: Within 24 Hours, Arizona Governor Takes Two Positions On Immigration Bill
By Rebecca Leber

New York Times: Senate Vote on Border Gives Push to Immigration Overhaul
By Ashley Parker

Wall Street Journal: Senate Backs Plan for Border
By Kristina Peterson

Washington Post: Border security amendment clears hurdle, bolstering chances for immigration bill
By Ed O’Keefe

Los Angeles Times: Senate immigration overhaul advances with border ‘surge’
By Lisa Moscaro and Brian Bennett

Politico: Immigration reform: Senate backs ‘border surge’ in test vote
By Seung Min Kim

Salt Lake Tribune: Utah’s Hatch to vote for immigration reform
By Matt Canham

Associated Press: Ryan: Immigration reform more likely with Senate advancement of stronger border security

Los Angeles Times: Senate lines up solid majority for immigration bill
By Lisa Moscaro and Brian Bennett

Roll Call: Georgia Senators Wouldn’t Have Brought Immigration Vote to 70
By Niels Lesniewski

ABC News: Bush Institute Backs Immigration Reform as Bullish on US Economy
By Jim Avila and Serena Marshall

Washington Post: Burr, Cornyn and Johanns oppose immigration bill
By Aaron Blake

Politico: Sheriff Joe Arpaio: ‘You’ll never secure’ border
By Breanna Edwards

Politico: Some Republicans want more immigration debate
By Seung Min Kim

USA Today: Last-minute wrangling on sweeping immigration bill
By Alan Gomez

Washington Post (The Fix): Q&A with Jeff Sessions: ‘This bill dramatically increases the flow of immigration’
By Ed O’Keefe

Washington Post (The Fix): Q&A with Jeff Flake on immigration: ‘Citizenship ought to be earned and valued’
By Ed O’Keefe

Washington Post (The Fix): The Senate immigration bill whip list
By Aaron Blake and Ed O’Keefe

National Journal: Republican Voters Warn Lawmakers Against Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants
By Alex Roarty

The Hill: Poll: Rubio’s popularity with GOP voters drops amid immigration push
By Justin Sink

Bloomberg: Why Immigrants Will Determine John Boehner’s Fate
By Joshua Green

Associated Press: Obama says immigration bill good for economy, business and workers; Senate faces key vote

Wall Street Journal: Obama Hopes for ‘Strongest Possible Vote’ in Senate
By Jared Favole

USA Today: Obama wants immigration bill this summer
By David Jackson

Washington Post: Obama to meet Tuesday with congressional leaders
By Phillip Rucker

Politico: Laura Ingraham: GOP’s ‘one-night stand’
By Tal Kopan

National Journal: Who Is Robert Rector, Conservative Immigration Whisperer?
By Tim Alberta

Politico: Jan Brewer: ‘Victory’ on border surge
By Tal Kopan

Associated Press: High court to review immigration dispute
By Cristina Silva

American Prospect: Republicans’ Immigration Spending Spree
By Gabriel Arana

Salt Lake Tribune (Opinion): Why I’m voting yes
By Orrin Hatch

MSNBC (Maddow Blog): ‘The party has to be bigger than Utah and South Carolina’
By Steve Benen

Washington Post (Wonkblog): Wonkbook: Does the Senate immigration bill really need 70 votes?
By Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas

Washington Post (The Fix): The Senate is going to pass immigration reform. And the House doesn’t care.
By Chris Cillizza and Sean Sullivan

Washington Post (Blog): Will John Boehner really kill historic opportunity to reform immigration?
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Blog): Conservatives gird for major defeat on immigration
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Blog): Immigration reform opponents can’t take yes for an answer
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Blog): The GOP problem is deeper than just with Hispanics
By Jennifer Rubin