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Must-Read News in Immigration Reform, June 18, 2013

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USA Today: House proposal to further criminalize illegal immigration criticized
By Alan Gomez

National Journal: Sens. Hoeven, Corker Push New Border-Security Amendment
By Rebecca Kaplan

NBC Latino: Legislation to criminalize undocumented immigrants takes center stage today
By Sandra Lilley

Houston Chronicle (Editorial): Cornyn: The Great Pretender?

Associated Press: House committee takes up tough immigration bill
By Erica Werner

Politico: Immigration momentum grows in House this week
By Seung Min Kim

National Journal: Boehner Aims to Move Immigration by Capitalizing on a Conservative Rift
By Chris Frates

Associated Press: Republican National, House Interests Split By Immigration
By Charles Babington

Wall Street Journal: Business Roundtable Prods House on Immigration
By Sara Murray

New York Times: Top Democrats in Senate Urge Faster Action
By Carl Huse

Reuters: Republican senators seek border compromise for immigration bill
By Richard Cowan and Caren Bohan

The Hill: Rand Paul makes immigration move
By Alexander Bolton

Huffington Post: Immigration Bill Gives GOP A Pounding Migraine
By Howard Fineman

ABC/Univision: Who Wants Credit for Immigration Reform if It Passes
By Ted Hesson

Politico: With immigration, Marco Rubio risks D.C. insider label
By Alexander Burns and Maggie Haberman

Washington Examiner: Benefits and borders: Q&A with Marco Rubio
By David Drucker

The Hill: Sen. Durbin: We don’t need 70 votes in Senate for immigration reform
By Adele Hampton

Wall Street Journal: Supreme Court Strikes Down Arizona Voting Rules
By Jess Bravin ans Tamara Audi

US News and World Report: After SCOTUS Ruling, Ted Cruz Vows Immigration Amendment
By Rebekah Metzler

Politico: Ted Cruz amendment would allow voter ID
By Burgess Everett

Politico: AFL-CIO wants original deal for H-1B workers
By Seung Min Kim

CNN: CNN Poll: Big generational divide in immigration battle
By Paul Steinhauser

New York Magazine: The Gaffe That Threatens Immigration Reform
By Jonathan Chait

National Journal: Back to Basics: Immigration Hawks Warn About ‘Undocumented Democrats’
By Tim Alberta

Politico: Tea party group floats immigration plan
By Tarini Parti

Politico: Rush Limbaugh: Money behind ‘amnesty’
By Rebecca Elliot

USA Today: Obama’s immigration enforcement director to resign
By Alan Gomez

New York Times: U.S. Seizes 14 7-Eleven Stores in Immigration Raids
By William Rashbaum and Mosi Secret

Wall Street Journal: Nine Charged in Immigration Probe at 7-Eleven Franchises
By Chad Bray

Wall Street Journal (Editorial): America’s Assimilating Hispanics

Washington Post (Blog): Marco Rubio’s epic challenge on immigration
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Wonkblog): Immigration reform isn’t about Marco Rubio. It’s about John Boehner.
By Evan Soltas

Washington Post (Blog): Gang of Eight borders on success
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (The Fix): How the immigration bill explains the Senate, in 10 anecdotes
By Sean Sullivan

Washington Post (The Fix): What the “Hastert rule” fight tells us about House Republicans
By Paul Kane

Huffington Post (Blog): House Loses Memo on How to Succeed on Immigration Reform
By Marielena Hincapie

The Hill (Blog): Small business needs a balanced immigration bill
By John Arensmeyer