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“Millions Of Families Are Waiting”: Congressional Hispanic Caucus, House Dems Stand In Support Of DAPA And DACA+

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As the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear US vs. Texas oral arguments on Monday, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and leading House Democrats held a press conference this morning to stand with families and in support of DAPA and DACA+.

“We are here today…because Monday is a very important day for the communities we represent,” said Congresswoman Linda Sanchez, Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

“These immigration executive actions are a gamechanger for our communities. The Supreme Court could determine the fate of five million undocumented immigrants, many of whom have family members who are United States citizens.”

Members of Congress called on the Court to rule on the side of the law and families.

“Unfortunately, [Republicans] have turned the President’s executive actions into yet another sad, political food fight,” said Rep. Sanchez.

If the Court allows the programs to go forward, five million undocumented immigrants who are either parents of US citizen children or permanent residents, or came to the US as children, would be able to work legally and be protected from deportation.

Yet, these policies are currently blocked from implementation due to an overtly political challenge brought by Republican Governors and Attorneys General from Texas and twenty-five other states.

“The Congressional Hispanic Caucus remains optimistic that the US Supreme Court will rule on the right side of history and the Constitution,” said Rep. Sanchez.