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Meet Edwin Lara, Ohio Kid Fighting to Stop His Dad’s Deportation

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We recently introduced you to Eric, Elsiy, and Anuar Lara from Willard, Ohio.  Their father, Jesus, is battling a July 18th deportation.

Now meet Edwin, known as the quirkiest of the four siblings.  Jesus just laughs and shakes his head when he catches Edwin daydreaming, or when Edwin asks one of his off-the-wall questions.

Talking about good times with his dad, in this video, Edwin takes us to the annual Independence Day festival in Willard that his father takes them to every year.

Please watch Edwin’s video, and sign his brother Eric’s petition so that Jesus Lara can stay in Ohio with his kids.

And for those who like b-roll, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the Lara family’s photo shoot with the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  They continue to turn to the media to plea their case.

Opening up your home to reporters is not an easy thing for any of us, much less talking with strangers about the one thing you fear the most.  This family is brave, and they are American.  This father wants desperately to stay a daily presence in his kids’ lives.

Sign our petition — please help make sure our government does not separate this loving family.