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Anuar Lara: “My dad is not a criminal”

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By now you know Eric and Elsiy Lara, two children from Willard, Ohio whose father is scheduled for deportation July 18th.

Jesus Lara is the father of four US citizen children, and he spends most of the day with them, working at night.  His story was recently highlighted in a New York Times article about how immigration issues are playing out in small towns in “Trump country.”

While most kids are filling their summer breaks with swimming and bike rides, the Lara children are meeting with congressional offices and reporters, looking for someone to show compassion and allow their family to stay together.

Watch this video of Anuar Lara talking about his favorite moments with his dad Jesus.  Imagine being a nine year-old kid asking someone to see that Jesus is an “amazing dad” and “not a criminal.”  This deportation makes no sense to the Lara kids, and it makes no sense to us.

Watch the video, and sign this petition to keep Jesus with his children.