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Laurene Powell, Steve Jobs' Widow, Launches DREAM Act Website


Laurene Powell, the widow of Apple’s Steve Jobs and a longtime supporter of the DREAM Act, launched a new website this week that calls on Congress to pass immigration reform for young aspiring Americans.  Called, the site features videos of DREAMers discussing how their lives would be better with the DREAM Act.  The website was launched with the help of documentary filmmaker Davis Guggenheim (“Waiting for Superman”), and other DREAMers are encouraged to upload and share their own stories.

“Tell your story, send in a picture, sign the petition and become a part of a living, breathing call to action that Congress can’t ignore. Story by story, voice by voice we will make it happen,” reads the website.

Powell says she launched the project because “there needed to be a demystification” of who immigrants are.  She said we needed “to put a face to these people, to hear the individual stories.  They’re our children’s friends.  They are people we know.  This is a huge national problem that needs resolution.”