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Iowa Advocates Demonstrate Outside Paul Ryan Fundraiser

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On Friday, Paul Ryan came to Cedar, Iowa to headline the state Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Dinner — an event that prominently billed Steve King as an invitee even though he supposedly declined his invitation weeks ago.  Ryan, who is known for speaking very sympathetically about immigration reform, was fortunate to have dodged the specter of appearing together with King — but the fact is that he still voted with King on last June’s amendment to deport DREAMers, as well as on similar bills like the ENFORCE Act.  And Ryan still represents a party that has done nothing for immigration reform, a fact that won’t be doing him any favors in 2016 if he becomes the Republican presidential nominee.

Read more about how the failure of immigration reform could drag down Paul Ryan here, via Greg Sargent and the Washington Post.

View the pictures below of Iowa advocates demonstrating outside the Lincoln Dinner, and calling out Paul Ryan for supporting anti-immigrant policies pushed by the likes of Steve King: