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Immigration News Roundup: The TRUST Act

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The TRUST Act is a bill currently moving through California state legislature that is the “anti-Arizona.” According to the San Jose Mercury News, it’s the “first-in-the-nation measure that would limit local law enforcers’ compliance with federal immigration rules requiring them to report to immigration authorities all arrested people suspected as illegal immigrants.”

Last week, it passed through the California Senate.  It still needs to be passed by the California Assembly and signed by Governor Jerry Brown. This is what other media has to say about it:

From the New York Times:

Hence the Trust Act. Sponsored by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco, the bill would require local police departments to release people who have been arrested once their bond is posted or their sentence is up as long as they have no serious convictions and even if federal officials have issued a detainer. The bill would enhance the ability of local departments to fight crime by restoring community trust and saving jail space for serious offenders. It deserves to become law.

Tom Ammiano via Time Magazine:

Today’s vote signals to the nation that California cannot afford to be another Arizona,The bill also limits unjust and onerous detentions…of community members who do not pose a threat to public safety.

Ben Winograd from Immigration Impact:

[The TRUST Act’s] success thus far represents an important victory for the immigrants rights movement and has positioned California as the “anti-Arizona” among states frustrated with Washington’s failure to enact comprehensive immigration reform.

In short, the TRUST Act is a sign of progress for California.  Governor Jerry Brown should sign the bill when it gets to his desk.