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Help Stop Brigido's Deportation!

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Cross-posted at Daily Kos

Brigido, dad to two U.S. citizens, could be just a few days away from deportation. He needs your help getting his family back!

ICE officials have Brigido in detention on what they allege to be an expedited removal order from over ten years ago. But with an American fiancée, a son, a step-daughter, and a business to watch over, he deserves every chance to stay here!

Click here to send ICE a message — Brigido’s family needs him!

Right now Brigido could likely qualify for a pathway to citizenship that’s currently being blocked by Republican leaders in the House. But ICE still has the power to exercise “prosecutorial discretion” and let him return back home to his family. We need to help him!

Brigido’s family needs him. He runs an insurance business with his fiancée Maria, and is a loving father to their two kids. He shouldn’t be torn apart from the family and life he has built here just because the House has failed to act.

Help keep Brigido with his family. Please send a message to ICE today!