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DREAMers To Linda McMahon: It's Not Enough To Parrot Romney On Immigration

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As we’ve been reporting, the DREAM Action Coalition has been traveling across the country, protesting and rallying against anti-immigrant candidates up for election this year. One of their targets is Connecticut’s GOP Senate candidate Linda McMahon, the WWE magnate who famously spent $50 million to lose a Senate campaign. McMahon hasn’t been completely unreliable on immigration-related issues.  But, as the DREAMers make clear, she hasn’t done enough:

Here’s their report:

Linda McMahon’s campaign released a statement today on the candidate’s stance on immigration resulting from a rally held by undocumented students. The youth were urging Linda McMahon, GOP senate candidate, to clarify her positions on the DREAM Act. Today’s protest was the second attempt at which the students sought to speak with the campaign on immigration.

The students were joined by Latino leaders from across the state. While the campaign indicated she supported the President’s recent executive action to stop the deportation of undocumented youth, she maintains a mirror like position with GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney:

“Earlier this year, I agreed with President Barack Obama’s decision to provide a temporary fix for young immigrants who are in our country without documentation. I believe that our immigration laws need to be reformed, but reform should be comprehensive and not continue to be done in a piecemeal fashion. I support giving young people that are illegally here through no fault of their own and serve in the military a path to U.S. citizenship.”

Unfortunately, she is releasing the same talking points that Mitt Romney has stood by. “I want to serve my country but as a doctor serving my community. She does not understand that many DREAMers want to serve as teachers and engineers that will create jobs right here in Connecticut. Like Romney, her immigration stance is grounded with the Tea party, ” said Carolina B., an undocumented student from Danbury.

This will not help her as Mitt Romney has endorsed SB1070 as a model for the nation, promised to veto the DREAM Act. Mitt Romney also does not believe in rounding up all undocumented immigrants but does tout self-deportation. Does McMahon endorse “self-deportation” as well? Will she also vote NO on the DREAM Act?

McMahon has been continuing to appeal to the Latino vote through her campaign visits and TV Spanish commercials, but what it appears she does not understand that immigration and the DREAM Act are issues that will determine who Latinos will pick in 2012. On immigration, Linda McMahon has not answered all the questions.

Not answering the questions won’t work in 2012. The DREAMers are making sure of that.