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Dreamers, Advocates Celebrate DACA’s 5th Birthday

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Today is the fifth birthday of DACA, President Obama’s deferred action program that has helped nearly 800,000 immigrant youth step out of the shadows, go to school, legally work and live their dreams. DACA has been one of the immigration reform movement’s greatest victories — and it’s helped Dreamers and their families make contributions that have lifted up America as a whole. As a 2016 report from the Center for American Progress noted:

  • DACA recipients are making significant contributions to the economy by buying cars and first homes, which translate into more revenue for states and localities in the form of sales and property taxes.
  • Some are even using their entrepreneurial talents to help create new jobs and further spur economic growth by starting their own businesses.
  • DACA increased recipients’ average hourly wages by 42 percent.
  • 95 percent of survey respondents are currently employed or enrolled in school.
  • Consistent with the 2015 survey, the data indicate that many DACA recipients are getting better and higher-paying jobs because of DACA. Many are pursuing educational opportunities that were previously unavailable to them.
  • DACA recipients’ economic activity is estimated to add $433.4B to U.S. GDP over a decade

On this birthday, however, the future and wellbeing of DACA, Dreamers, and immigrant families is more in question than ever before. Advocates after Trump’s election were unsure if DACA would make it to its fifth birthday. Since then, Dreamers have been framed, detained, deported, and made to fight for their DACAmented status. The threat from Trump’s presidency is real — but on DACA’s birthday today, the main message from immigrants and advocates is that they are #HereToStay.

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