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“DREAMer Generation” Uses 3D Printing To Tell The Stories Of Eight Young Immigrants

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An innovative new tool — 3D printing — is helping to tell the stories of eight young immigrants “who dared to dream”.

The project, titled “DREAMer Generation,” is a collaboration between “HBO” filmmaker Will Caballero and Univision, and features Lorella Praeli, Walter Barriento, Cristina Jimenez, Julio Calderon, Jose Machado, Moises Serrano, and Paola Angy Rivera.

While many DREAMers cannot vote in this upcoming Presidential election, they are playing a pivotal role in educating communities and registering others to vote and help defend those who can’t.

Donald Trump has consistently promised to end DACA — the program allowing 750,000 DREAMers to work legally and live free from the threat of deportation — on day one of his Presidency.

In a Medium piece published earlier this week, DACA recipient Juan Escalante of America’s Voice wrote:

“DACA represents opportunity for hundreds of thousands of young people across the country — many of whom are working to provide for their families, enrolling to pursue a career, or finding new and innovative ways to contribute to their communities … My ability to remain in the United States hinges on the 2016 general election, which is why I hope you will help protect DACA by voting for candidates who will ensure the United States continues to be an inclusive and welcoming nation.”

So what’s at stake with this election? Why should Latino voters and other Americans who care about DREAMers vote? One reason: to ensure that DACA recipients like Juan and those in “DREAMer Generation” do not face deportation on the first day of the next presidency.