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America’s Voice Denver Post Ad Calls Out Reps. Cory Gardner, Mike Coffman for Blocking Immigration Reform

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Today marks one year since the day that House Republicans first gave Steve King a vote on his amendment to deport DREAMers. House leadership has handed King no fewer than four additional votes since then – and Reps. Cory Gardner (R, CO-4) and Mike Coffman (R, CO-6) voted have voted with him every single time. This, while Mike Coffman, Cory Gardner and their House Republican colleagues have spent the last year making up every excuse possible for why they’re unable to pass a morally, economically, and politically necessary immigration reform.

Earlier this week, immigrants and advocates around the country sat in at 27 key House GOP district offices, to make clear we won’t stand for this kind of hypocrisy. Colorado’s Rep. Cory Gardner, now running for Senate, was one target of the coordinated actions. On Wednesday, 11 activists marched into his office, shared their stories with staffers, and refused to leave until Rep. Gardner asked Speaker Boehner for a vote. Rep. Mike Coffman was also the target of an office sit in for his lack of action on reform.

Today, America’s Voice is taking over the Denver Post online with ads calling out Gardner and Coffman for their votes to deport DREAMers and their failure to move on immigration reform.  While both lawmakers have tried to strike a different tone on immigration than extremists like Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and Tom Tancredo, when it comes to getting reform done, neither has been willing to support bipartisan reform pending in the House or craft another solution that more Republicans could support.

According to Denver-based Managing Director of America’s Voice, Patty Kupfer:

There are thousands of Colorado families and businesses waiting desperately for Cory Gardner and Mike Coffman to do something, anything, to get immigration reform across the finish line.  As we saw this week, in both of their districts, saying nice things about immigrants and then voting to deport DREAMers is just not going to cut it. Our ads today are meant to send the message to Gardner and Coffman: Your time is almost up to produce a legislative breakthrough on immigration reform, and that alone is the answer if you hope to remain competitive in a state like Colorado.

View our online ads at the Denver Post website.

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