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DACA’s 900,000+ Enrollees Have Generated A Massive $422 Million In Application Fees

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DACA’s 908,500 enrollees have generated a massive $422.4 million in application fees for the federal government, Buzzfeed reports this week.

So much for immigrants being takers, right?

DACA, which has been in effect since 2012, has allowed nearly one million young immigrants to work legally and live without the constant fear of deportation.

Allowing immigrant families to apply for 2014’s immigration actions — which expand on DACA, as well as allow the undocumented parents of US citizens and permanent residents to apply for work permits and protection from deportation — could generate billions more.

Buzzfeed writes these families would generate an additional $2.4 billion in first-time application fees. Additionally, data from CAP shows that 2014’s immigration actions would increase “the national gross domestic product, or GDP, by nearly $60 billion over the next decade.

Instead, these immigrant families hang in legal limbo as 2014’s immigration actions remain on a temporary hold after a politically-motivated lawsuit from the Republican Governors and Attorneys General from 26 states.

Advocates have slammed Republican leaders for their attacks on immigrant families, and for blocking the similar economic benefits 2014’s immigration actions could reap for communities.

“DACA is a model for what progress on immigration looks like — changed lives of people who came forward, followed the process and paid their fees — over $422 million so far,” United We Dream’s Cristina Jimenez told Buzzfeed.