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César Vargas, Doctor of Law and Undocumented

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cesar vargasOriginally translated from America’s Voice Español

“Officially a Doctor of Law! This J.D. degree is for the DREAM movement. Victory will be ours!” César Vargas wrote on his Facebook wall this past weekend after receiving his law degree.

Graduation ceremonies are held all throughout the country and among these students, who through immense effort are graduating from college, are hundreds of thousands like César, undocumented students with enormous potential to offer to this country. They may carry impressive credentials under their arms, but still lack the identification documents that would allow them to maximize the full potential of their education and to give the best of themselves to this country, which they know as their only home.

César has become one of the national voices of the movement in favor of the DREAM Act, which would legalize him and thousands of other young people who complete college or serve in the armed forces. Now, he and they are asking to be protected from deportation while the fate of this legalization bill is determined.  The measure was introduced in Congress, once again, last week.

César, brought by his parents from Mexico when he was five years old, grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and graduated from the same high school that the Chair of the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration, Charles Schumer (D-NY).  His case combines both conditions covered under the DREAM Act, since he aspires to be a military lawyer.