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BREAKING: Alfredo Ramos Released, Heading Home

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For the last few weeks, we’ve been writing about the case of Alfredo Ramos — the Ohio father of two US citizen children who was indicted by a Grand Jury last week just for trying to reunite with his family.  After 24 years in the US, Alfredo was facing deportation because he’d re-entered the country years ago after being removed — in order to rejoin his pregnant wife.  But today, at a rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, Alfredo was released and will be going home with his family!

It’s a huge victory for Alfredo as well as the community who pressured DHS, DOJ and other officials to let him go.  Here’s the email we received from our colleague Lynn Tramonte, who was at the rally, today:

Subject: Wowwwww

What a day.

First, federal judge and prosecutor agree to let Alfredo go home on an ankle bracelet pending next hearing in criminal case.

Then, ICE puts a hold on him so he’s not released. Removal order had been reinstated and technically he could have been deported anytime.

Now, we learn from ICE that he will be released on an order of supervision!  We will pick him up after paperwork is processed!!!

Community pressure and media scrutiny made this happen!!!!

Not done yet.  Still need to get [DOJ] charges dropped!

Read more about Alfredo’s story here.  And view the euphoric tweets and videos sent as we found out Alfredo was going to be released: