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BALA’s Anti-Immigrant “We Are America Tour” Pulls Another Disappearing Act

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It’s happened again, folks.  Just days before what was supposed to be an end-of-the-summer anti-immigrant blowout series of events across the country demonstrating opposition to immigration reform, the group organizing the events has apparently cancelled another demonstration, presumably due to lack of interest.

The Black American Leadership Alliance–a front group for FAIR and the anti-immigrant Tanton network—last month announced the We Are America tour, a collection of demonstrations against immigration reform that was scheduled to take place around the nation on September 7.  When the tour was first announced, nine events from Wisconsin to Arizona to Florida were in the works.  Just a few weeks later, the roster was down to four, and organizer Paul Arnold took to Facebook to bemoan the lack of interest.  This week, BALA has apparently dropped another event, and all mention of the rally that was planned for Houston this weekend has disappeared from the radar.

A Facebook screenshot of the We Are America tour, when it was first announced:


Screenshot of the event page yesterday:


That must be pretty embarrassing for the anti-immigrant crowd, especially when news coming from pro-immigration reform advocates this week has been all about how we rocked August.

To learn more about BALA, the Tanton network, and the shadowy web of anti-immigrant organizations opposing immigration reform, watch this new video released this week from Brave New Films: