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As @WhiteHouse and @TheBushCenter Show, Literally Everyone Supports Immigration Reform

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Twitter did a collective double-take yesterday, when accounts connected to the Obama and Bush administrations tweeted at each other in an online shout-out to their respective Youtube videos making the economic case for immigration reform:

These are administrations who don’t have too many policy positions in common, whose relationship might be characterized as cool at best.  But on immigration, they agree that reform with a path to citizenship must pass (Bush has said that failing to pass legislation as President was one of his greatest regrets).  And that’s a sentiment they share with the vast majority of the American population.  In fact, with the exception of Steve King, his hardliner cohorts in the House, and a minority of Tea Partiers, pretty much everyone supports immigration.

Who are we talking about?

  • Americans.
    • 88% of all Americans support immigration reform with a path to citizenship.
    • So do 70% of Republican primary voters, including those who support the Tea Party and those who watch Fox News daily.
    • An average of 65% of voters in seven key congressional swing districts, and an average of 68% of likely voters in 29 states support immigration with citizenship.
    • 81% of Latino voters want immigration reform that combines border security with a path to citizenship (versus security before citizenship).  66% of African-American voters support immigration reform with citizenship, as do 65% of Asian-American voters.
  • President Obama and every other sitting president since at least the days of Ronald Reagan