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ALIPAC Rails Against "Amnesty"; Finds Nothing Wrong With Blatant Copyright Violation

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Oh ALIPAC.  The perpetually low-on-cash anti-immigrant group has apparently just found out that there are at least 26 House Republicans who support immigration reform with a path to citizenship.  ALIPAC sent out an email to their list this morning linking to a graphic of these 26 GOPers so that their supporters could put names to faces of Congresspersons heinous enough to want to recognize mothers, fathers, and children living in the shadows.  Problem is, that’s our graphic that they blatantly stole and repurposed–slapping on alternate text and substituting our logo for theirs.

Here’s our original:

And here’s their knockoff:

26 GOP Members of Congress trying to help Obama pass a nation shattering illegal alien amnesty have been identified!  Please call these traitors with the info at this link and share this list and graphic!  List of 26 GOP Traitors In Congress Supporting Illegal Alien Amnesty  http://www.alipac.us/f8/list-26-gop-traitors-congress-supporting-illegal-alien-amnesty-287816/

We’re writing this blog post because we don’t believe in amnesty for copyright violators.  But ALIPAC can still go back and do it the right way—by not taking shortcuts, cropping photos themselves, and creating their own graphic.

In the meantime, we’ve taken what we believe are necessary steps to protecting other graphics floating around our site from similar cribbing and repurposing.  We did this the only way we knew how—with cats: