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Listen to the “A is for America” Podcast with Mustafa Nour from Pennsylvania

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The latest episode of our podcast, “A is for America”, features an interview with Mustafa Nour, a Somalian-American entrepreneur who lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and spoke with us about what it’s like to be a refugee in the Keystone State.

Donald Trump said something dehumanizing about immigrants again this week, when he said that those who cross the border are “animals“. This is the exactly the kind of rhetoric we’ll no doubt see more of this fall, as anti-immigrant candidates try to use the Trump method to win elected office. Meanwhile, DHS chief Kirstjen Nielsen continues to try and defend the Administration’s practice of separating parents and children. But maybe the biggest news this week involved the Pennsylvania primaries, where Democrats rejected a pro-Trump candidate with an anti-immigrant streak — while Republicans saw fit to nominate Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA), one of the most extremist members of Congress.

Our Political Director, Matt Hildreth, traveled to Pennsylvania earlier this month to speak with Mustafa Kour, a Somalian-born immigrant who took refuge in Kenya before coming to the United States. Mustafa is now an entrepreneur, and one of the winner’s of Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s “2017 Great Social Enterprise Pitch“, for a startup which brings diverse communities together. Mustafa has choice word for anti-immigrant candidates running this fall, and wants to remind them that refugees like him are human beings and Americans, too. (Interview starts at 10:25.)

“A is for America” is a podcast which tells stories from the front lines of a changing America. Each week, we’ll be talking to advocates and experts working in immigration reform, immigrants’ rights, immigration politics, and the forefront of what it means to be a new American. Tune in next week for more.