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After Trump’s Latest Dehumanizing Comments, Americans Are Ready for Common Decency and Common Sense

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Donald Trump’s latest comments scapegoating, dehumanizing, and “othering” immigrants is an unfortunate reminder of the worldview of this president and a preview of the ugly politics of fear that we will see from the White House and Republican candidates throughout this election cycle.

The following is a statement from America’s Voice Political Director Matt Hildreth:

Throughout his candidacy and presidency, Donald Trump has sought to stoke fear and divide Americans. Now, Trump’s ugly rhetoric has been fully embraced by the GOP and integrated into the party’s political midterm playbook.

The Republican embrace of ugly politics, like political stunts involving deportation buses, is polluting our public discourse and having a toxic effect on everyday life.

As we gear up for the midterm elections, we expect this type of anti-immigrant fearmongering and ‘othering’ to be the single dominant theme from the White House and too many Republican candidates throughout America. These candidates want us to believe that what we look like or where we come from matters more than the content of our character. It’s an idea that runs counter to the very fabric of our country.

Enough is enough. Every American, regardless of their immigration status, should expect common decency and common sense from our country’s elected officials.