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Must-Read News in Immigration Reform, September 3, 2013

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Associated Press: Immigration Bill Knot: ‘Special’ Citizenship Path
By Erica Werner

MSNBC: Who’s who in GOP’s pro-immigration reform camp
By Benjy Sarlin

Arizona Republic: ‘Anti-amnesty’ movement failing to pick up steam
By Dan Nowicki and Erin Kelly

Mother Jones: Immigration Reform: Dead or Alive?
By Gavin Aronsen

The Guardian Express: Will Obama Save Immigration Reform? (Video)
By Thomas Barr

Bloomberg: Immigration Survives Recess as Pressure on Ryan Fizzles
By Roxana Tiron

The Hill: Immigration advocates vow big Washington rallies to press reform
By Russell Berman

International Business Times: Immigration Reform 2013: House Gang Preps Comprehensive Bill For October Push
By Laura Matthews

International Business Times: Immigration Reform 2013: White House Says Work Continues After Recess
By Laura Matthews

National Journal: Walking the Path to Citizenship
By Rebecca Kaplan

Washington Post: Along border, preparing to live with the real-world consequences of immigration debate
By Ed O’Keefe

Huffington Post: Family Struggles Drive Lawmakers’ Support For Immigration Reform
By Elise Foley, Caitlin McNeal and Ashley Balcerzak

Fox News: Union dumps AFL-CIO for its positions on ObamaCare, immigration reform

The Bakersfield Californian: More than 2,000 rally in Bakersfield for immigration reform
By Steve Levin

KGET-TV (California): It’s a Labor Day focus on immigration

Miami Herald: Rep. Steve Southerland: Tea party, Deep South, GOP and open to citizenship path
By Marc Caputo

Los Angeles Times: Anti-amnesty Royce not out of tune with his immigrant-heavy district
By Cindy Chang

The Times (New Jersey): U.S. Rep. Rush Holt endorses report that predicts economic boost with passage of immigration reform
By Mike Davis

CBS Chicago: Protesters Call For Rep. Lipinski To Fix Immigration System

Sioux City Journal (Iowa): Supporters rally in Sioux City for immigration reform
By Molly Montag

WFAA-TV (Texas): Immigration activists begin week-long protest in Dallas
By Teresa Woodard

The Atlantic: The Surprising News From One Small Town About Immigration Reform
By James Fallows

Wall Street Journal: Canada Seeks Immigrants Who Fit Better
By Alistair McDonald

Wall Street Journal: Can Illegal Immigrants Practice Law?
By Joe Palazzolo

Fox San Diego (California): SDPD chief endorses controversial immigration bill
By Christian De La Rosa

McClatchy Newspapers: Immigration impasse: Charlotte teen forced to find own way
By Franco Ordonez

The Hill (Blog): Path toward citizenship or legalization
By Alex Nowrasteh

The Hill (Blog): Immigration must be high priority when Congress returns to Washington
By Javier Ortiz

Washington Post (Opinion): Bring undocumented workers out of the shadows
By Theodore McCarrick

Miami Herald (Florida—Opinion): Immigration is a moral issue
By Thomas Wenski

San Antonio Express-News (Texas—Opinion): The biblical case for immigration reform
By Max Lucado

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): California’s Union-Sponsored War on Farmers
By Allysia Finley

The Republican (Massachusetts—Opinion): On Labor Day, too many workers labor in the shadows
By Richard Trumka and Steven Tolman

The Jersey Journal (New Jersey—Opinion): Labor Day message – N.J. minimum wage increase, immigration reform are needed
By Richard Trumka and Charles Wowkanech

Minneapolis Star Tribune (Minnesota—Opinion): The United States needs immigration reform
By Norm Coleman

The Tennessean (Tennessee—Opinion): Fixing immigration system will pay dividends to U.S., state economy
By Catherin Glover

The Lincoln Journal Star (Nebraska—Opinion): A former U.S. magistrate’s perspective on immigration reform
By David Piester